2 days ago
New House Landscaping

Landscaping added the perfect touch to this new house. Thinking about adding landscaping to your new house? Give us a call to have your dream landscape designed! 812-480-4248

4 days ago

WELCOME TO "Shrub Sunday"

Say hello to Berry Poppins!

BERRY POPPINS™ Winterberry and other Hollies Ilex
Hollies are extremely useful foundation shrubs for sunny and shaded landscapes. While some ... See more

6 days ago
Photos from Super Cutz Lawn Care's post

Before and after. Client wanted us to remove ivy off gutters and roof.

6 days ago

WELCOME TO "Flower Friday"
Say hello to Hostas!

A reliable standby for shade gardens, hostas return faithfully year after year, multiplying quickly to form a sizable clump. You’ll have plenty to ... See more

1 week ago

Our crews are out repairing retaining walls today, need help? Give us a call 812-489-4248, I gotta guy!

1 week ago

WELCOME TO "Shrub Sunday"

Say hello to Arborvitaes!

NORTH POLE® and other Arborvitaes Thuja
Arborvitaes are commonly found in many gardens and for good reason—these evergreens make a very low ... See more

1 week ago

WELCOME TO "Flower Friday"
Say hello to Baptisia!

The shorter, more compact habit of these native cultivars make them easier to manage than the full-sized species and they require little water and ... See more

1 week ago
Timber Wall

After years of wear and tear, it was time to replace this wall. Have a similar project? Give us a call at 812-480-4248 to get your next project started!

2 weeks ago

Drainage issues? Give us a call 812-480-4248, I gotta guy!

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1 year ago

Over time that black and green grime builds up on retaining walls, give us a call to help make it all go away. 812-480-4248

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